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Samosa (2 pcs) VegetarianVegan

Vegan, vegetarian. Crispy pastry stuffed with peas, potato, and spices...
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Sweet Chilli Cauliflower

Sweet Chilli Cauliflower Gluten freeVegan

Vegan, gluten friendly. Crispy cauliflower in spicy sweet glaze topped...

Vegetable Pakora VegetarianVegan

Vegan, Vegetarian. Mixed vegetable fritters mixed with Indian spices.

Manchurian VegetarianVegan

Vegan, vegetarian. Finely chopped mixed vegetable dumplings in a homemade...

Gobi Pakora

Cauliflower pieces mixed in spices and batter, deep fried.

Tofu Pakora Vegan

Vegan. Tofu marinated in ginger, garlic, and batter.

Chole Bhatura Vegan

Vegan. Fried bread with curried chickpeas, salad, and pickles.
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Malai Chicken Tikka

Malai Chicken Tikka Vegan

Vegan chicken marinated in vegan sauce, ginger, ginger, and grilled in...